Exclusive Distribution and Export agreement

On the road of continuous expansion, Mr.Mohamed Ismail, Commercial Director of Al-Heba Steel Trading (EGYPT), has signed an Exclusive Distribution and Export Agreement with Mr.Ahmed Al Tazi ROOKWOOL Factory (Saudi Arabia), in Africa and Middle East.

As a leader in the Egyptian market, Al-Heba for Steel trading is sure that this agreement with an important partner as Ahmed Al TAZI Rockwool factory will deeply facilitate the development and growth of the business and expansion in Africa and Middle East market.

Stay tuned to have more information on Al-Heba’s future activities and expansion.

We are currently working in local internal supplies within the Arab Republic of Egypt for billets and iron scrolls and exporting hot and cold coils to Saudi Arabia and Jordan, we also supply reinforcing steel to Lebanon.

As part of the ratification of the partnership with the Sudanese government in the Republic of Sudan on the supply of checker plates and cement, bitumen

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